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  • <p>You can now customize your saddle Privilège Equitation ! Choose your saddle (Pony, Horse, Jumping or All Pourpose), the saddle color (Brown or Black) and customize at will (bindings, stitchings…) !</p> <div id="sconnect-is-installed"></div> <div></div>
  • <p>Discover all our bridle ranges in nylon or plain leather (Canter, Chetak), waxed (Privilège Equitation), natural full grain (Flags&amp;Cup) or Italian (Lexington) to equip your horses (snaffle, weymouth bridles, halters, lunging aids, reins, etc).</p> <div id="sconnect-is-installed"></div>
  • <p>Find here all the equipment you need for carriage : harnesses, saddles, standard or ergonomic, for a walk, dressage or marathon.</p> <div id="sconnect-is-installed"></div>
  • <p>Privilège Equitation bits (Double-jointed, Waterford or Mac Genis) aim to increase communication between horse and rider thanks to decontraction and comfort to the horse mouth.</p> <div id="sconnect-is-installed"></div>
  • <p>Discover here all our saddle pads colors, fly viels or coolers for your horse.</p> <div id="sconnect-is-installed"></div>
  • <p>Protect your horse legs efficiently, for event, juming or dressage, during competitions or training, or simply in stable or field.<br />Rubber bell boots, supple or impact boots, for front or hind legs, coronet band or over reach. Make your choice !</p> <div id="sconnect-is-installed"></div>
  • <p>All that you need to care about your horse and its well-being : massage items, shampoo, brushes, candies, nutritional supplements, leather care, and much more performance supplies !</p>
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